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Team Parents Resource Guide


AZ Epic appreciates each and every team parent who will be helping us navigate through this next club season.

As we move along throughout the season, please let us know of anything you find helpful we can share with other teams, as well.

Volley On!

Mike Lussier and Jamey Spartz


Our #1 priority is to mitigate the spread of the virus so as to keep our teams healthy during the pandemic.

Team Parents play a great role in keeping our teams playing safely. Our success in the following will help us achieve our priority.

AZ Epic and the Arizona Region of USA Volleyball have specific guidelines for region games.

Here are the AZ Region's "Play Volleyball Protocols During the Time of COVID-19"

"If an individual does not agree to comply with these guidelines for participation and/or does not accept the liability risk, then we ask that they not enter the event, program or the facility," Arizona Region of USA Volleyball

On game days, we ask Team Parents to help with the following. Please:

  • Remind teams about handwashing with soap and water after each game and prior to eating
  • Encourage teams to use hand sanitizer often
  • Discourage the sharing of any food and drinks
  • Remind our team spectators about mask requirements
  • Remind teams to wear masks when they are not playing in the game and between matches
  • Encourage social distancing when possible


We all want to be able to watch our children play volleyball! We know this is a struggle this year. But we have found some ways to help other families keep updated on game days!

Facebook Live Streaming

A Facebook page has been created for each team. This allows families to watch live streams of the games as they happen.

If you have a designated spectator at each game willing to live stream the games, please be sure to share our AZ Epic Volleyball Spectator Guide for Live Streaming.
Spectator Guide for Live Streaming

Facebook also can be used for updating scores after each set. It's also a great place for team photos. We ask that you keep these posts positive at all times. All of our Facebook pages are monitored. Anyone who violates our posting guidelines will lose access to Facebook admin rights.

Video Recording of Games

For teams 14 and older, it may be important to families to have recordings of games they can use for recruiting purposes.

If you have a parent willing to record games and share the video with all families, it would be greatly appreciated. Each team can determine how to go about sharing the video.

Recording tip: Please attempt to record video from the back, right side of your team's court. An example of where to set up the camera can be found on the Facebook live streaming PDF from above.

REMINDER: YOUR VOICE AND EVERYTHING YOU SAY NEAR THE CAMERA CAN BE HEARD AND IS BEING RECORDED. Please remind those around you about this and please keep conversations kind and polite.

Roles & Responsibilities

Team coaches are responsible for their teams. Anything related to team practices, games, instruction, uniforms, meeting times, rules etc. should go through the team coach first.

Team parents are our go-to people for team breaks and organization of activities outside of normal team requirements.

"Spectators shall be designated by the coach and written on the roster for each tournament. A wrist band will be given to the designated spectator(s) for use for the day. The spectators should give the wrist bands back to the coach at the end of the day. If a wrist band is lost or stolen, no replacements will be given – the number of designated spectators will be reduced for that team," Arizona Region of USA Volleyball


On game days, we ask Team Parents to do the following.

Please secure a socially distanced, safe area for the team to rest, eat and re-hydrate after games. The facility should have a designated area for our team. Athletes should be able to leave their chairs and small coolers in this area. Be sure athletes' parents have labeled the chairs and coolers so they can be found if lost.

"Team Camps are restricted to those on the roster and designated spectators only. Social distancing and masks are required for all in the team camps," Arizona Region of USA Volleyball

Athletes should not be sharing food and drinks. Please remind families that each athlete is responsible for bringing their own food to last them the entire day. Most facilities do not sell food. So being well prepared for game day is a must.

It is each team's responsibility to leave our team camp area as clean as we found it. The team is responsible for hauling out its own trash. Please bring a trash bag or two to game day.


Please cheer on every child as you would your own! The kids are missing their families as much as their families miss them. Our AZ Epic parents are super supportive and we can't wait to hear about the positive experiences you have on and off the court!

Thank you for your support. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us anytime!